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I currently live...

...In Haslev, Denmark. Former places of residence include Virginia, USA and Ilulissat, Greenland as well as too many places in Denmark to count

...With two kids, one cat, one rooster and a varying number of hens and chickens



Co-author, MySQL Certification Study Guide (ISBN: 0672326329). Also available in French (ISBN : 2744017825).

Co-author, MySQL 5.0 Certification Study Guide (ISBN: 0672328127)

The MySQL Certification Study Guides are required reading at several universities and colleges in the western hemisphere


DBA a DBA: Doing Business as a Database Administrator. Certification Magazine October 2005.

Stored Procedures in MySQL 5.0. The MySQL DevZone November 2005.

Wide wibbly Web

I used to manage/host an extremely popular "MySQL FAQ" that unfortunately began to deteriorate after I got busy working for MySQL AB. A MySQL plugin for the monitoring tool mrtg is still available from that site, and continues to be used around the world.


Database Administrators: Multitasking for Advancement. Certification Magazine January 2006. Republished here. Also quoted in the same issue in this article.

The MySQL Certification Program: Facts and Viewpoints from the Inside. LinuxWorld Magazine November 2005. Republished here in December 2005.

??? E-zone (Hong Kong trade magazine. I was interviewed when in Hong Kong on behalf of MySQL, and I have a copy of the article. It says "Carsten Pedersen" and "MySQL" in a couple of places and carries my picture. Other than that, I have no idea what it says...)

Getting Certified (co-interview with Daniel Kushner of Zend and myself), Linux Format November 2004.


MySQL User's Conference 2007 (California, USA): MySQL Certication Q&A session

LinuxForum 2006 (Copenhagen, Denmark): MySQL 5.0: Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views

MySQL User's Conference 2006 (California, USA): MySQL Certication Q&A session

Linux Forum Asia 2005 (Hong Kong): Certification in the Open Source World

OSSO Seminar 2005 (Hong Kong): Making a business of Open Source and Optimizing MySQL

MySQL User's Conference 2005 (California, USA): MySQL Certication Q&A session

ComCon Europe 2005 (Frankfurt, Germany): MySQL Certification

Open Source i det offentlige 2004 (Risskov, Denmark): Alle vinder med Open Source

LinuxForum 2004 (Copenhagen, Denmark): Skalering og tuning af MySQL

Greater London Linux User Group (London, UK) MySQL optimization and case studies.

SSLUG "hyggemøde" (Copenhagen, Denmark): Optimering af MySQL


I have taught several MySQL (AB|Inc.) courses (Using and Managing MySQL, MySQL for Developers, MySQL for DBAs) courses in several locations across the world, from Detroit in West to Beijing in East.

In previous jobs, I spearheaded and taught a number of courses on various perspectives of IT for my colleagues.


My present position is Senior Programmer at Architecture work, database and programming design, coding (mostly PHP OOP programming).

From 2002 until 2007, I was the WW Certification Manager at MySQL, Inc (Nee MySQL AB). Created the initial versions of the exams, helped coordinate and review study materials, managed relationships with distribution partners, legal representatives, marketing work. Coordinated the creation of additional exams and study materials.

In the 6 or 7 years before coming to MySQL, I moved through various official and unofficial jobs as typing monkey, data maintainer, tool developer for DtP software, script programmer, database development, IT supporter, webmaster, database administrator, all-round geek, teacher and more at a publishing house called Visholm Media, which is today part of Aller Business (Aller is one of the largest publishing companies in Scandinavia). In the early years the work was part-time, while I wrapped up my studies.

Previous jobs include a short stint as database developer at Price Waterhouse, database consultancy work for the National Museum of Denmark, stagehand, being behind the cash register at a gas station, sweeping the floors in the supermarket, ...


I hold a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Copenhagen University, where I graduated with a strong minor in History. My educational background includes 3 years at an american High School

Short bios

  1. With a background in software development, Carsten Pedersen joined MySQL AB in 2002 to develop and manage the MySQL AB certification program. Over the years, he has also taught several MySQL courses in a number of countries. Carsten has now twice conspired with Paul DuBois and Stefan Hinz in publishing the MySQL Certification Study Guide which for some reason seems to be quite popular in the bookstores. He holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen, and resides in his home country of Denmark.

  2. Carsten Pedersen is the MySQL AB certification manager and has led the development of the MySQL certification porgram since its inception. He has also taught several MySQL courses in a number of countries. He is a co-author of the MySQL Certification Study Guide


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