mrtg-mysql-load is a module for MRTG, the Multi Router Traffic Grapher by Tobias Oetiker. It monitors your MySQL servers and produces output based on the number of queries and slow queries the server handles.

See how mrtg-mysql-load monitors the load on a dedicated server. (If that link doesn't work, try this Google search to see some examples of how other people use it)

This utility is a part of the MySQL tools.

How to get it

Distribution/Copyright: GPL (see the file COPYRIGHT in the distribution for info).

Download mrtg-mysql-load v. 1.02 (tar.gz, 20kb).

Older versions:

mrtg-mysql-load v. 0.92b-beta (tar.gz, 20kb).

mrtg-mysql-load v. 0.8a-alpha (tar.gz, 12kb).



[Note: No updates have been made to this module for several years, nor is it likely that any more work will be done on it.]

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